If you don’t speak Romanian or Russian, downloading a taxi app is your best bet for getting around Chisinau.

The most popular taxi apps are now Hip (previously iTaxi), Letz, and TaxiClub 14444.

Hip (previously iTaxi)

Locals may still refer to this service as iTaxi but searches and app store links now redirect to Hip, the new service name.

Here's the website.

You can pre-book taxis in advance via the Hip app, which occasionally offers promotions.


A newcomer to the Chisinau taxi scene. Letz has a straightforward ordering process much like Hip.


Another taxi app available in Chisinau, Orhei, Comrat and Leova.

TaxiClub 14444

This long-standing service continues to operate successfully and can be accessed via the TaxiClub 14444 app. Please note that payment is still cash only.

You can also call the following numbers to speak with local taxi companies:

  • 14222
  • 14999
  • 14428
  • 14002
  • 14006

During a taxi ride, if you feel like you've had a good journey, it's customary to tip the driver. To understand more about tipping etiquette in Moldova, check our quick and easy guide to tipping in Moldova.


The trolleybus system is an essential part of the Moldovan transport network. For the trolleybus schedules, you can use the app Tranzy in Chisinau and a few other cities.

For an inclusive list of trolleybus schedules, click on any bus station sign on Google Maps, and you'll see a complete list of trolleybus routes for that stop and their estimated departure times.

Trolleybus Apps

Live Bus Timetable in Chisinau on Google Maps

Trolleybus Tickets

As of 2023, the ticket price in Chisinau and Balti is now 6 lei (still 2.5 Transnistrian rubles or about 2.3 lei in Tiraspol and Bender.) Children under 7 ride for free.

To ride the trolleybus:

  1. Step inside and find a seat.
  2. A ticket collector will come to you. Make sure you have small notes or coins.
  3. The ticket collector will give you a paper ticket. Keep this ticket until your ride ends.

Chisinau Trolleybus Ticket

Monthly Unlimited Trolleybus Travel Cards

You can purchase travel cards from the Moldpresa kiosks. The latest prices can be found on the website.

You may be fined if you travel without a valid ticket.

Paying with Your Phone

In a bid to modernize and simplify the ticket payment process, Chisinau's trolleybus system has introduced a mobile payment option for travelers who are customers of Moldcell, one of the leading mobile network operators in Moldova.

Moldcell customers can now pay for their trolleybus fare by simply scanning a QR code or sending a text message to a designated number. Here's how it works:

  1. Look for the QR code sticker placed inside the trolleybus. These are typically located near the doors or the ticket collector's area.
  2. Using your smartphone, scan the QR code with any standard QR code scanning app, you will receive a prompt to send an SMS message.
  3. Alternatively, you can send a text message with the code displayed next to the QR code (e.g., "2428") to the number "4000".
  4. After completing the scan and sending the text, you will receive a digital receipt via SMS, which serves as proof of your payment.
  5. When the ticket collector comes around, simply show them the SMS receipt on your mobile phone.
Chisinau trolleybus QR code
Photo Credit - Liubov Topa


Known as “maxitaxi” in Romanian or “marshrutka” in Russian, minibuses are one of the fastest ways to get around Moldova. Download the Moovit or EasyWay app for minibus schedules.

When you take your seat, hand the fare (now 6 lei per ride in Chisinau) directly to the driver.