Navigating the tipping etiquette in a new country can be a task. In Moldova, it varies across different services. Here is your quick guide to tipping in the country:


  • For table service, tipping is expected.
  • A standard tip is about 10% of your total bill.
  • You can usually leave the tips in the check folder given to you.
  • Ask your server if it's possible to add a tip to your card during bill settlement.


  • Tipping is not routinely expected, but it's appreciated in cash or card form.
  • 10% is a general guide for those who wish to tip taxi drivers.


  • 10% is a standard tip for a haircut.


  • Tips aren't expected but are appreciated, typically left in a tip jar.
  • Even leftover change is welcome here.


  • Tipping isn't necessary when ordering drinks at the bar counter.
  • If there is table service, standard restaurant tipping etiquette applies.

The key takeaway is that while a 10% tip is standard for table service at restaurants and considered standard, tipping in other scenarios, including taxis, is situation-dependent.

Any tip, however, is a display of appreciation and a boost for Moldova's service industry.

This guide will ensure you fit right into local customs and navigate your way through Moldova's bars, restaurants, and taxis with ease and understanding.