The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 stopped the world in its tracks. The pandemic has had a tremendous effect on corporate culture, with many companies closing their brick-and-mortar locations and directing their employees to work from home.

Now that it looks like coronavirus might have run its course, some of these employees are returning to company offices. Others, however, are opting to continue working remotely - particularly since many businesses have realized the benefits of a work-from-home company culture.

Having established itself as a regional IT center over the past few years, Chisinau is a thriving hub for remote workers.

The capital of Moldova is also the place of choice for many Western companies to outsource their software development and IT projects.

With such a booming IT market, there is little doubt that Chisinau abounds with tech-savvy professionals. And as the lockdown eases, many of them are looking for office spaces to boost their productivity and creativity.

With this in mind, here are the five best coworking spaces in the city.

iHub Chisinau

iHub Chisinau Facebook

Billing itself as the “most centrally located co-working space in Chisinau,” iHub has been set up to support startups, freelancers and IT specialists. The facility offers a standard coworking experience and green coworking that embraces the concept of eco-living.

iHub offers a huge range of facilities bound to satisfy even the fussiest professionals. These include high-speed internet, IT support, printers, scanners, whiteboards, as well as call booths and meeting/conference rooms for up to 40 for those requiring extra privacy.

After a day of hard work, members can relax on iHub's terrace or in the library. Alternatively, they can challenge other members to a game of table tennis. iHub also offers a kitchen with free tea, coffee, fruit and snacks.

Address: 31 August 1989 St 78, Chișinău 2012
Phone: +(373) 68 909 095
Hours: 9am to 10pm every day
Prices: See iHUB's website

404 Moldova

Located in the heart of Chisinau’s Botanica sector, 404 Moldova is a multifunctional space that makes a day at work a breeze. Some of the venue’s amenities include high-speed internet, printers, scanners, personal lockers, as well as air conditioning and heating.

The coworking place also offers conference halls and venues for events such as lectures, presentations, seminars, workshops and film screenings. These include an auditorium and a classroom for up to 20 people that can be easily transformed depending on the number of participants.

Away from the desks, 404 Moldova also delivers relaxation zones, including a chill-out area with comfy beanbags and an outdoor terrace. In addition, members can take their mind off work with a game of foosball or grab a free coffee or water in the kitchen.

404 Moldova’s community members include Fortune 500-listed companies. Businesses usually sign contracts with the coworking space for at least a year.

Address: Dacia 23, et. 3 (Olimpiada building)
Phone: +(373) 68 680 890
Hours: 24/7
Prices: See 404's website

Generator Hub

Generator Hub Facebook

Launched back in 2015, Generator Hub was one of the first coworking spaces in Moldova. It was initially set up to develop the country’s IT sector, and build a community of talented and socially-minded people.

Featuring space for up to 80 people, Generator Hub offers unlimited WiFi, printers, scanners, a mini kitchen with free coffee, a library and meeting rooms. The venue also has space for events for up to 100 people, as well as a relaxation zone with beanbags and board games.

In the past two years, the Generation Hub team has organized over 300 events and development programs for more than 4000 professionals in the IT sector. Some of these have included hackathons, seminars, Startup Europe Week and Game Factory.

Address: Etajul 4, bloc 2, Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard 202
Phone: (+373) 79 025 025
Hours: 24/7 for some packages
Prices: See Generator Hub's website


TekWill Facebook

With the tagline ‘be great together,’ Tekwill is much more than a space. It is “the place to be where people connect with ideas, resources, science and industry to enhance excellence in information technology.” Located at the Technical University of Moldova, Tekwill offers fast internet, printers (including 3D printing) and scanners. The space also comes with a kitchen and a lounge, as well as a terrace and a relaxation zone with TVs and video games.

The venue offers 12 meeting rooms that can accommodate between 4 and 20 tables. There are also event rooms for up to 400 people, making Tekwill ideal for conferences and large-scale workshops.

In addition, Tekwill offers a variety of IT courses and certifications for adults, children and national schools. The programs have been designed to bridge the gap between traditional IT education and what is actually required by the industry.

Address: Strada Studenților 9/11
Phone: + (373) 78 498 834
Hours: 24/7
Prices: See Tekwill's website

Totem Coworking

Totem Coworking
Totem Coworking

Totem Coworking in Chisinau provides a dynamic workspace solution, catering to diverse professional needs with private offices, dedicated desks, and flexible hot desks.

Situated conveniently near Rose Valley Park, it offers amenities including meeting rooms, a cafeteria, phone booths, showers, and lock boxes. The locality is bustling with shops, eateries, and essential services. Adding to the convenience, Totem offers 24/7 access to its facilities, ensuring that work schedules can be as flexible as needed.

Address: Bd. Decebal 6
Phone: + (373) 69 002 005
Hours: 24/7
Prices: See Totem's website

Digital Park

Digital Park Facebook

One of the newest additions to Chisinau’s coworking scene, Digital Park has been founded specifically for IT professionals. “The fundamental objective of the concept was to create a ‘Silicon Valley’ atmosphere and infrastructure in Moldova,” states Digital Park’s website.

Besides a community of like-minded people, a membership at this coworking place also delivers access to high speed internet, printers, scanners, lockers, as well as a kitchen, library, meeting and conference rooms, and a relaxation room with games.

The eco-conscious facility is within close proximity of restaurants, cafes and green spaces, and offers bicycle and motorcycle racks. It also has a 24/7 video monitoring system.

Digital Park, which is being developed in multiple stages, is based on the principle of achieving a balance between modern technology, technical performance and eco-conscious design. The project is being developed by Moldova’s internet and telecommunications company StarNet with a total investment expected to reach $35 million.

Address: Mihai Viteazul St 15
Phone: +(373) 69 449 449
Hours: 24/7
Prices: See Digital Park's website

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