Moldova observes several public holidays throughout the year known locally as "Zile Roșii în Calendar," directly translated to "Red Days in the Calendar."

The name likely finds its roots in ancient Roman practice, where notable occasions were marked in red ink on calendars, hence the term “Red Letter Days” in English. Similarly, these "Red Days" can be compared to what many countries refer to as "Bank Holidays" or "Days of Special Significance."

On these occasions, Moldovans enjoy a national day off. For those who are employed and work during these public holidays, it is customary to receive additional compensation as stipulated by local labor laws.

January 1: New Year's Day

Anul Nou
The first red day of the year in Moldova, where families and friends gather to celebrate the beginning of a new year with joy and optimism.

January 7-8: Orthodox Christmas

Crăciunul pe stil vechi
Orthodox Christians in Moldova celebrate Christmas on January 7 and 8, following the Julian calendar, with special church services and family-oriented traditions.

March 8: International Women's Day

Ziua Internațională a Femeii
On this day, Women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements are celebrated, and women are traditionally honored with flowers and gifts.

May 1: Labor Day

Ziua Muncii
Labor Day is a red day dedicated to acknowledging the contributions of workers and is often marked with organized events and relaxation.

May 9: Victory Day and Commemoration Day

Ziua Victoriei și de Comemorare
Moldovans observe May 9th as Victory over Nazism Day and a time to honor the memory of those who fought for the independence of the country.

June 1: International Children's Day

Ziua Internațională a Copilului
A red day dedicated to the rights and welfare of children, featuring many activities and events specially organized for them across the nation.

August 27: Independence Day

Ziua Independenței
Moldova’s red day for celebrating its sovereignty, gained in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, with a variety of national events and displays of pride.

August 31: Language Day

Limba Noastră
The Romanian language is venerated on this red day, underscoring the significance of Moldova's cultural and linguistic heritage.

December 25: Christmas Day

For those who follow the Gregorian calendar in Moldova, Christmas is celebrated with familiar traditions, such as festive meals and family gatherings.

Additional Cultural Celebrations

March 1: Mărțișor

While not a public holiday, Mărțișor is a traditional celebration marking the start of spring, where people exchange tokens of good fortune, typically adorned with red and white threads.