Finding the Bus

Head to the minibuses parked behind the Central Market, close to the Central Bus Station. Look for the buses headed towards Butuceni or Trebujeni, the nearest villages to Old Orhei.

Bus Schedule and Ticket Prices

  • Butuceni: Departures at 10:20, 15:00, 18:15
  • Trebujeni: Departures at 08:35, 12:45, 13:45, 17:15
  • Ticket Cost: About 45 lei

Placeholder for photo of the bus

Remember to ask for a bus to "Orheiul Vechi" to differentiate it from the city of Orhei.

The Bus Station

Old Orhei Minibus

Staying Informed

For the most recent updates on bus schedules and prices, visit

Engaging with the Travel Community

For additional traveling tips, consult the "Travel to Moldova" Facebook group.

Navigating Your Route

Here's a map guiding you from the Central Market to Old Orhei.

Placeholder for a map with marked locations for Central Market, the bus pathway, and the Old Orhei site

With this comprehensive guide, bus schedules at, and community advice, you're ready to visit the historical site of Old Orhei. Make sure to double-check your travel arrangements before you head out. Enjoy your trip to this enchanting location in Moldova!

Visualizing Old Orhei

Before you go, take a look at this collection of images from Old Orhei, captured by Swedish photographer Joachim Nywall.