Planning a visit to the beautiful capital city of Chisinau, Moldova? Or perhaps you're lucky enough to call this diverse and culturally-rich city home! Whatever the case, stay connected to the vibrant local scene with this ultimate guide to event websites designed to keep you in the know about the city's happenings.

Broad-spectrum event websites

Your one-stop-shop for all events from music to theatre to comedy shows around Moldova. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive event details, simplifies event discovery and ticket booking.

Your cultural guide to Chisinau - provides insights into exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, and more. Updated often, it ensures you have current information right at your fingertips for the vibrant soirees in the city. delivers extensive event listings whether you're looking for food and wine festivals or music and art events. Handy and comprehensive, keeps you updated on a wide range of events.

Moldova's official tourism site - not just for Chisinau but the whole country. It’s the perfect site for those looking to delve into the unique heritage, culture, and vivacity of Moldova.

A curated event calendar crafted specifically for Chisinau. Regularly updated, it's your key to unlock the city's pulse.

Cultural centres

Each of these cultural centre's websites hosts its own schedule and booking system.

The Chekhov Drama Theater offers a rich repertoire ranging from classics to contemporary hits. It is the centre stage for theater aficionados.

The "Mihai Eminescu" National Theatre is distinguished for its experimental performances. Presenting progressive and thought-provoking contents, it's a must-visit.

Chisinau Circus showcases a medley of shows from high-flying acrobat feats to whimsical clown acts. It's an iconic fun spot for the family.

National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Moldova – your go-to for a dose of classic performances in music and dance.

Chisinau Arena is a modern multi-purpose indoor arena. Housing a myriad of events from concerts to exhibitions to sporting events - Chisinau Arena is never short of happenings.

MediaCor Innovation and Creativity Hub is a haven for digital and creative events. If you have a knack for innovation, has a wide selection of events for you.

The major event hub of Moldova's growing IT industry. is where tech-oriented events from industry conferences to networking sessions take place.

Moldova Concert is the powerhouse behind grand events and mass gatherings in Chisinau. It's the perfect place for experiencing large-scale events.

The multicultural city of Chisinau has something to offer for everyone. With these resources at your fingertips, uncover the magic of Chisinau and make the most of your time. Don't forget to regularly check these platforms to stay updated with the latest events!

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