Now that the pandemic restrictions are starting to ease, many people are looking to go away somewhere amazing for a long vacation. Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova, is the perfect place to stay.

Chisinau in Moldova is full of culture and character. There are a bunch of things to do in Chisinau, including places to visit and attractions to enjoy. It’s one of my favourite places to go because of the endless possibilities of fun activities all year round.

I have collated some of the best things to do when visiting Moldova from 30 locals who live in the Chisinau area. Here are the top 13 recommendations from these individuals who told me about their favourite things to do when they’re bored.

1. Visit the National Museum of Ethnography

National Museum of Ethnography
Credit: Andrey Shevchenko

The first fun thing to do in Chisinau is visit The National Museum of Ethnography and History. It’s a highly rated museum that is full of collections and Moldovian costumes

Local tip: ‘I like the art galleries and exhibitions that are made at the National Museum of History or the exhibition of individual painters.’ - Catalina

2. Head to the Tucano Coffee Shop

Tucano Coffee Shop
Credit: Unknown

If you’re a coffee lover, there are lots of amazing coffee shops in Chisinau - especially Tucano. When you want to go somewhere quiet to relax with your family whilst on vacation in Moldova, find a local coffee shop, grab yourself a delicious drink, and chill out.

Local tip: ‘I like the coffee and the atmosphere in Tucano Coffee Shop.’ - Gabriel

3. Visit Valea Morilor Park

Valea Morilor Park
Credit: frimufilms

The Valea Morilor Park is a beautiful area that provides a wide-open space for you to go and get some fresh air. If you fancy a relaxing stroll through nature whilst on your visit to Chisinau, make sure to check it out.

Local tip: ‘I like to walk in the evening at Valea Morilor to admire the view there.’ - Alin

4. Dendrarium Park

Dendrarium Park Chisinau
Credit: Alex

Another one of Chisinau’s Parks that you should take a peaceful walk through is the Dendrarium Park. On a hot summer’s day, you can grab some food and relax on the grass with your loved ones.

Local tip: ‘I like to walk through Dendrarium and eat an ice cream.’ - Alexandra

5. Go to the Mihai Eminescu National Theatre

National Theater Mihai Eminescu, Chisinau
Credit: Liubov Topa

Mihai Eminescu National Theatre offers musicals and performances that are suitable for the whole family. This was recommended by a local who I interviewed, who said going to the theatre is one of his favorite things to do when he’s bored.

Local tip: ‘I would go to Mihai Eminescu National Theatre and the Museum of History for the Moldovan art.’ - Sandra

6. Check Out the Librarius Bookstore

La Librarius Chisinau
Credit: Unknown

For the avid readers out there, Chisinau contains several bookshops that are filled with interesting reads.

One of the best bookstores to visit is La Librarius. It’s a great place to find a new and exciting novel to read on your holiday.

Local tip: 'At the mall, I like La Librarius to buy books in Russian, because they are cheaper.’ - Cornelia

7. Relax in the Cat Café

Chisinau Cat Cafe

The Chisinau cat café contains 12 cats that you can play with whilst eating some delicious food and sipping on hot drinks. It’s an affordable and unique thing to do if you’re bored in Chisinau, or if you’re visiting for the week.

Local tip: ‘In San City, there is a ‘Cat Café' there, and you can eat and play with their 12 kittens.’ - Юля

8. Check Out the Smokehouse

Smokehouse Chisinau
Credit: Smokehouse

The Smokehouse in Chisinau is all about BBQ, beer, and community. It’s an American style café that offers BBQ-style food and local craft beers. It has incredible reviews from people who have visited it in the past, making it the perfect place to visit whilst you’re in Chisinau.

Local tip: ‘There is a US atmospheric place called Smokehouse on Alecsandri Corner. It’s got great beer, music and a super atmosphere. It’s cheap and very cute.’ - Mihail

9. Go to Shopping Malldova

Malldova Shopping Center Chisinau
Credit: andrez1

Shopping Malldova was suggested by a local. You can shop in the many stores full of clothes, shoes, and homeware, before indulging in the fast food or fine dining available in the food court.

Local tip: ‘You can take a look in Shopping Malldova where you can eat tasty food and buy your clothes and cosmetics.’ - Corina

10. Take a Look in the Selfie Museum

Selfie Museum Chisinau
Credit: Selfie Museum

The Selfie Museum offers a unique and fun experience where you can find your best angle and take some super selfies.

Local tip: ‘The Selfie Museum has not long been open, but it’s very interesting inside. You can take some beautiful photos in there.’ - Ecaterina

11. Shop in The Zity Mall

Zity Mall Chisinau
Credit: Unknown

The Zity Mall is another amazing shopping center that offers a bunch of clothing stores and places to eat and even has a terrace so you can enjoy the view on a summer’s day. A picture of Zity Mall is shown below.

Local tip: ‘Try to go to Zity Mall. There is a new store in there called New Yorker which has affordable prices. There are lots of good places to eat, shops to buy cosmetics and accessories, and it also has a terrace.’ - Maria

12. Take a Stroll Through Rascani Park

Riscani Park Chisinau
Credit: Unknown

For those of you who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city whilst visiting Chisinau, I definitely recommend heading out to Rascani Park to experience nature with your loved ones.

Local tip: ‘I like to walk in the Rascani Park where there is a lake, especially in the summer.’ - Florentina

13. Watch a Show in the National Opera Ballet Theatre

National Opera Ballet Theater Chisinau
Credit: Unknown

The National Opera Ballet Theatre is the perfect place to watch some incredible dancers. It has amazing performances and plays on regularly throughout the year.

Local tip: ‘I like the Moldova National Opera Ballet Theatre because they have impressive shows and I always enjoy my time there when I visit.’ - Iuliana